Bath Time

It’s a beautiful late summer day.  The air is still warm mid day and the geese feel the heat.  Their down coats keep them warm all year long.  In the heat of mid-summer days it feels great to get into the cold fresh water of the spring fed creek.  Keeping this coat of down and feathers clean is of most importance when your a goose.  If they don’t they will loose the insulation and covering the feathers are to provide.  Many times a day you can catch  them setting in the creek grooming themselves.  They don’t seem to groom each other, but are always together grooming.  Our land is filled with soot from a forest fire two years ago, sand, and good old healthy black dirt, but yet these two stay sparkling white all the time.  It must be quite a task to stay so beautiful when so challenged with the elements here.  I must confess their outer beauty is deceiving, because on the inside they have the personality of sharks.

Ever need a great watchdog?  Get a goose!


This is blogging class lesson #3, picture of water and blog about it.  Water seemed boring to me today, so you get geese!